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 For some reason this does not look much like me, but it is me... this is my tired face from this morning. But now I feel refreshed  and blessed after having been on skype with my Mom for 2 whole hours. She taught me how to make sweet and sour sauce over skype. =) So I made lunch while chatting - quinoa with carrots and onion in sweet and sour sauce. Thank you technology for making California-Norway seem a little bit closer. I love my mom, she is always so happy and encouraging. 

Other then that I`ve spent time on making a cheesecake  - I use cottage cheese, and a gluten free crust from graham crackers (recipe for the crackers is here). I`ll be posting pictures later. The cake is SUPER cute...it`s pink. My friend is having a (gluten free! I`m in heaven) Girls Night and I`m bringing my cake.

My work out went something like this:
Warm up - 1000 Skipping rope jumps
Triceps dip 100 - I did them in 2.23 sec. 30 seconds faster then yesterday!
Mountain climber, push up, pull up, bicycle crunch, lunges w/bodybar and more push ups was what filled the main part of my work out. 
My upper body is exhausted.

I better jump in the shower and get ready for the party tonight. Wooh!



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