Fitness Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas right around the corner I put together a little list of ideas for Christmas gifts. 
These are mainly gonna be linked to exercising and health. They fit to people that are active and pursing health already, or to people that just might need a little help to get there. 
  • Work out Clothes - shorts, hoodies, under armor, shoes, Spinning bike gel seat cushion etc. You can find them in all kinds of price rangers, colors and brands.  I love Nike running pants and for sport bras - Champion is amazing.
  • Exersice equipment - work out DVD`s, a heart monitor, body bar, dumbbells, elliptical, jogging stroller, jump ropes etc. 

  • Books - diets, work out methods, gluten free cooking, cupcakes - find a cute well matching book for your friend or family member. 
I would recommend this book and work out method if you are looking to get a new fresh work out to use at home. Tracey Anderson method is incredibly effective.

    • Homemade goodies - This might be the most time consuming one of them all. But so Made With Love. You can bake your best cookies, favorite cake or little granola bars and wrap them in really cute boxes. Or how about putting together a healthy snack basket... superfoods like goji berries, nuts and dried fruit, raw chocolate balls. 
    • Gym membership - This might be for the select few that would actually love getting a membership. Otherwise it might be taken wrong. The good thing is that most of the time there is money to save on buying a years worth of membership rather then month to month.
    • Work out partner - give of your time and offer to be someones running friends once a week, or start playing tennis on the weekends.
      One year, even before we were engaged, Jeffrey got me a Vitamix for Christmas... a vitamix is pretty much THE blender of all blenders. It can crush icecubes, juice vegetables, make soup, you name it. And to this day I use that machine for making healthy food everyday. Thank you Jeffrey! ;)



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