New day, new week

My morning started out great. The rain was pouring down outside. Leafs everywhere -  swimming in the puddles of the water. 
My first work out got accomplished in 31 minutes and consisted of 1000 skipping rope jumps, pull ups, push ups etc. My plate of oatmeal got made in no time and it was good. Well, interrupted by a little milk spill.
For me working out means getting rid of stored up energy. I know for fact that it works in favor of my mood. Even when I'm on my period and feel uncomfortable, working out always makes me feel great.

Scientifically our bodies release endorphins while exercising. There are more occasions when our bodies release endorphins, I just wont dive into them right now.  With high endorphin levels we feel less pain and fewer negative effects of stress. Other effects endorphins have on the body can include: increased feelings of euphoria/happiness, decreased appetite and increased immune response. These are all very good reason to work out. 
If stress is something that is burdening you, then working out might be a huge stress reliever.

Have a good Monday!


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