Christmas Eve Work out

I am absolutely loving to rest this week. No hour long work out, no gym going, none of that. But this morning I needed to move around a little more then these last days.
Braking a sweat, even just for a short while is very healthy. These work outs are using our own body weight and is more then enough resistance for a rockin` work out that will help shed fat and gain muscle and energy!

  • Jumps - I found a rock that was about a foot tall (knehøyde), and did about 35 jumps on it. Gets my heart rate up really fast
  • Hip raises - try this one, it is a killer
  • Opposite hand to toe touch - works many muscles including abdominals
  • Burpee`s - conditions the entire body, develops strength, explosive power and anaerobic endurance
  • Sprint intervals - I just busted out a couple of 0.2 mile sprints

Have a Blessed Christmas Eve everyone!


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