Morning Glory

Waking up in Chandler, Arizona is a good sign. It means that Christmas is here, vacation is on and I get to spend loads of time with Jeffrey`s amazing family. The anticipation of Christmas Day is closing in, there is gifts everywhere and everyone is in their best cheer. When I say there is gifts everywhere, I am not joking. Aunt Chy has 3 Christmas Tree`s in her house, and all of them have presents under them... 
We started our day at Einstein`s Bagel. Jeffrey got a cranberry bagel and a hot cup of coffee. I got a delicious cup of Mango Ceylon Tea. I like mine with honey and a dash of cream.

 I shared this in an earlier post, about my Grandma Jan bringing her own breakfast to the Bagel store. Fresh blueberries, raspberries, cherries and bananas. So we just got out some boxes, filled them with the goodies and brought it with us, to the very cozy breakfast place. It was about 10 of us around a long table, eating, laughing and having a blast. That`s what we do when we get together.
Oh and by the way, it was my 25th Birthday yesterday! Guess what my Husband got me. A gorgeous red Kitchen Aid Stand mixer =) This will help my baking so so much, cannot wait to start using it.
Now I am off to another evening of fun. I really really hope you are having an amazing time too... Blessings on you and your family!!


Eldrid 5:14 AM  

Riktig god jul til dere Kathrine! digger gaven du fikk! Gled deg! Den er så bra..og gjør baking så mye enklere..!

Gledelig jul fra oss i Norge:)

Mrs.JKunde 12:22 PM  

aaaw... takk Eldrid. Ja e gleda me til å bruk den. Har du en sånn? aaah!!
GOOOD JUL! Kos dåkker på Sognnes;)

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