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Victoria Secret has Angels, a Pink line and fabulous lingerie. But did you know that they also have a fantastic line of work out clothes? You can only find this line in certain stores, typically in bigger cities. Surprisingly, even online all i could find was a couple of sports bras.

When working out I like to feel cute and fresh, I need my clothes to follow me wherever the work out goes. If it is 100 jumping jacks, then I need my shirt to stay in place so I don't flash too much belly. If I go for a run, I cant worry about my pants falling off. Ya, that happened. Worst run of my life. I wore some ooooold running pants that had no stretch left in them and had to hold them up the whole time I was running. I wanted 6 miles, but turned around at 0,5. 
Anyways, when we celebrated Christmas with some of Jeffrey`s family last Saturday, guess what my gifts where? 2 beautiful pink boxes (Thank you Sarah, Love you!) - one pair of work out pants, and a shirt that went with it! The line is called VSX.

Working out wearing this was awesome. No sag, weird seems, or awkwardly high waist... just a perfect fit! The pants work for running and other exercises outside during the colder season too. The shirt has a little too much cleavage for me, but I just wear a black sports bra under.

To all you amazing Fitness Angels out there ;) ..You get to look fabulous when working out!



Robin,  12:11 PM  

yeah... i'll totally get one of those...

Sky 4:09 PM  


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