Hello Best week of the YEAR!

Woke up to my FAVORITE week of the year! I am a happy girl ;) It`s my Birthday week, it`s Christmas, it`s vacation with the family, it`s Arizona and beautiful running temperatures. AAAH.
I have already finished my first work out -  a 30 minute/3,5 mile run and 30 minutes of strength training.

There are all kinds of gatherings and parties going on this week. Last night we went to Jeffrey`s brother and his wife`s Christmas party....

Tonight we are invited to go to our Church`s staff dinner party.. and I am thrilled to already know what I`m wearing. Pjeh! 


Charlotte 10:12 AM  

Åh, skulle gjerne ha feiret bursdagen din sammen med deg!! Håper du får en nydelig uke!

Mrs.JKunde 11:30 AM  

Jaaa Charlotte detH hadde bare vært held fantastiskt!
Hvordan har du det.....å ditt lille gull? Vi må få skypa i jula! ;)

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