Mini Booty Challenge

I have been so so busy this week,  renewing my personal trainer certificate. But this coming week I will have more time to blog and I have many projects to put up here. So stay tuned.
One thing I want to do this week is to make a daily challenge, a work out that everyone can try out, and maybe even start doing on your own.
It`s Christmas and we all need to rest, but our bodies will be so happy if it gets to move and sweat a little bit every day. So I encourage you to just try some of these work outs.. !!
Here is two  exersices that I LOVE! Plie squats and backward/forward lounges. Both will target your large muscle groups - glutes, hamstrings etc.
I started with doing 40 of each (40 on each leg for lounges too), and have worked my way up till 100.
When these exercises gets easy, add a bodybar!
Another way to tackle this work out is to do the work out in sets. One set has tree rounds, each rounds has 50 sec. of work, then 10 sec of rest for each exercise. Work to max repetitions and write down your score.



Evelyne 11:43 PM  

thought it might be fun for u to know that someone (that's me :o)) from switzerland went out for a rainy night workout inspired by your lovely encouraging blog.. thanks!

Mrs.JKunde 12:24 PM  

Evelyne, wow that`s amazing!! Loved hearing from you girl....
Merry Christmas to you In Switzerland!!! ;)
PS: please post your work outs on my comments.. I`d love to hear what kind of exercises you do =)

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