I wish for definition!!

Here is one part of my work out today. These exercises are great to do at home, does not require any equipment and they are fun.
Here is a little breakdown of the work out:
The first work out is reaching down to the toes with opposite hand then up to the ceiling the other direction. This one targets your core and abdominal. Make sure you really tighten the muscles while performing this exercise.
The next work out, where I hold my hands behind my head will also be working your abdominal. Tighten the muscles as much as you can to get the most out of the exercise. The next few work outs I am doing will target shoulders and arms.
Try to do 40 repetitions of each exercise and then work your way up to one hundred.

I wanted to put music to my videos but I`m not sure how it works with copyrights. But put on some Madcon - Glow while you watch this video, makes it more fun =)


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