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I`ve spent hours, almost the whole afternoon in my kitchen. My feet are tired and my shoulders are aching from my work out earlier. But I learned how to use my Kitchen Aid - a bowl lift, Standing mixer. I made some delightful blue berry ice cream. Dinnertime came around and I used it for mashed rutabagas and meat cakes.

One thing that I`ve been contemplating allot lately is cultures around food. Growing up, Christmas was my favorite time of the year, I looked forward to every single meal. Breakfast, dinner, dessert... it was all a big deal. The meat had been prepared for months. Already in august, my dad would make sure that the exclusive berry called cloud berry, was picked and stored away in the freezer. On Christmas Eve, my dad proudly served cloud berry cream for dessert.
The appreciation of distinct flavors like cheese, salted meats and fish is something I`m very thankful for having.
A downside is recognizing when food is flavor less, and replaced. For instance, I cant stand the taste of "sugar free". I always learn new things about American food culture. I came here thinking "fast food" was a choice. But I`m realizing that we`re in deeper trouble then that.
Nutritionally, the food that most people consume contains huge amounts of BAD fat - butter, milk, beef and corn. Science shows that food high in saturated/trans fats can impair our judgment on when to stop eating.  It`s like the pathway to our brain that tells us we are full is being blocked, causing us to want to keep eating these harmful foods in excess.  It can even last for 3 days after the food has been consumed.

On the opposite side, healthy fats have good effects on our brains. They are linked to sharpening our mental accuracy, which makes us stay focused. Another benefit is that good fats like avocados, walnuts, and olive oil will help you stay full longer.

So for people that are trying to loose weight, be mindful about you eat, and especially about what type of fats you consume. If what you normally eat makes you carry extra pounds, one way to shed can be  by making new traditions. 



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