Best Friends

Staying on a work out schedule, a health regime, eating all organic foods or getting massages (who can afford?) is all beneficial to our health. Personally I don`t think there is anything as healthy as good friendships. Someone who is excited to see you, hear how you`ve been, how work is going. Someone that learns to know your weaknesses, as well as your strengths. Someone who take note of your child hood stories and keeps them in their hearts. A friend is a favorite. 

Throughout our life, we find friendship in our Moms, our Dads, fellow students, grandparents, siblings and teachers. Friends, if not already in family, becomes a part of our family. Family lifts us up in prayer, holds us accountable to reach our very highest potential and loves us no matter what.

My Husband is my greatest friend. He is rock solid and balances me out so well. Marriage is such a gift.. Anyways, today he is leaving for 2 weeks. He will be touring Australia with JesusCulture, and can I just add that it is summer over there. Pause. Yeah.. I am a little jealous. =) But I have stocked up on baking ingredients, gonna work allot and I have planned lots of hang outs with friends. It will just fly by, and soon enough I can throw myself in the arms of my Love again.

Enjoy your friends and family!


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