My work outs - week 1

 January is the big gym month, loads of enthusiastic people have found their way to the gym. Some people stick to the elliptical machines, some go for the weights and some people test out classes. Some people come alone, some come with their friend. This morning I got to work out with my friend Alyssa, and it was a blast. We gave it all, worked really hard and inspired each other to keep going. That `s the beauty of having a work out buddy ;) Thanks Lyss!

This is my work outs of 2011 so far:

Sunday - ran 4 miles, 20 min. strength training
Monday - Instructed Spinning 45 min.
Tuesday - Instructed Spinning 45 min.
Wednesday - Ran 1 mile, did 30 min of strength training (HIIT), instructed Spinning 45 min.
Thursday - Free
Friday - Ran 1,5 mile and did 40 minutes of strength training (HIIT)
Saturday -  Instructing Spinning 45 min

 For all of you runners out there; Keep track of your runs with Nike+ GPS (an app you download to your Iphone) and if you run on a treadmill, the Nike sensor will pick up your miles, pace etc. Too. Makes running more exciting ;)

Happy Friday!


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