Food counting Challenge

I have a challenge for you. Wanna join me? It`s not a mean challenge, it`s not extreme, it`s not gonna hinder you from eating anything...
It`s simply a road to discover how man different types of foods you eat everyday. The bigger the number - the better. Just count each food item you eat during one day. Some of you write food journals, some of you might wanna start, and that would be a great place to write down the number.
In order to get all the broad variety of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that our bodies need - we need to eat lots of fresh colorful vegetables and fruits, nuts and such.
Here is an example: My breakfast consisted of lactose free honey yogurt, almonds and a banana. So that adds up to 3 different foods. If you eat something very processed, like pizza - it counts as one food item.
So go ahead - start counting, see if you can up the number all throughout the day!

Have a phenomenal day!


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