Bright and Sunny

My perfect mid morning pre work out meal today was a Black eyed and blueberry Smoothie from Jamba Juice. I also got this tumbler, and I`m just stoked about it because now I can make my own smoothie and bring it around in this cup. A smoothie is perfect for hot days like typical summer days here in Redding. It`s mid January, and it`s over 70 F/20C - makes me happy! =)

 Then after training some clients, it was my turn to work out. I focused on upper body but alternated with speedy jump roping. Here was my final exercise of the day, last chance to get it all out.
 This work out engages arms and shoulders, at the same time it`s working core a whole bunch.
So far I can count 10 different food items that I have eaten today... How about you?
Happy Weekend!


Eldrid 5:59 AM  

Du e fantastisk! Bli Så inspirert til å trene når man er inpå her..Som et friskt pust å gå inn eh!

Sitter nyter smoothien som du gav oppskrift på etter en dag i bakken...mmm...So good! Takk for en fantastisk bra oppskrift..smaka så godt:)
Og så e det dadler i..mmm elsker dadler..en av mine favoritt godter:)

Nyt resten av den aktive dagen..

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