4 years ago, today

It was a very normal day that Monday 4 years ago. I had been at the gym, juiced vegetables and did homework. My heart had been achy, what felt like for years. Every single night I had to give my hopes and dreams of finding the love of my life, to God. I could not carry it alone. I had made sure God knew every single thing I wished for in the man of my dreams. He had to be able to play guitar for me, and piano. He had to... The list was long. No one seemed even close to fitting this description.

Little did I know that the day had arrived, the day that was gonna change my life forever. The 22nd of January 2007.
I got introduced to Jeffrey Kunde through my sister. We were at the big concert hall in Redding, the people crowd was thick. But I could not care less about anyone else. I knew I had layed eyes on someone very special, and extremely handsome. There was something about this guy..
To my surprise he made an effort to sit next to me. I did not pay attention to one word of what the speaker had to say on stage. Butterflies, careful chosen words and some tic tac toe was a part of our first few hours together.
What was suppose to be his 2 day stay in Redding, turned in to 6 days, he even canceled his dentist appointment at home. We had the most incredible days together...
Over the next 2 years we dated and got to know each other, on the 22nd of March 2009 Jeffrey told me for the very first time "I love you..." and moments later he proposed. With no doubt in my heart I said "YES!", and the rest is blissfull history. He is the man I had dreamed about, completely perfect for me. He plays both piano and guitar very well too.. ;)

 These pictures are from our engagement photo shoot with Renee Lawnsdown.


Charlotte 12:56 PM  

Gratulerer snuppa! Glad dere fant hverandre jeg!

Kymberly Janelle 6:13 PM  

Thank you for sharing your story. Its always inspiring to hear married womens testimony's of holding strong to what they want and not settling for less.

Dania Ceslt. Cast. 10:37 PM  

surprisingly, the man in your dreams was planned has come into your life in the flesh.

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