Dinner on the GO

Today is so busy! I just now have been able to make a meal, and luckily it only took 7 minutes to make. My stomach was growling and needed food.

I decided to share it with you all before I have to run out again. I`m catching a movie with some girlfriends, and then baking hundreds of tiny cupcakes for the big wedding fair tomorrow Wooo!

 It has really payed off to keep some brown rice left over in the fridge, especially for busy days like today. I just had to get some mushrooms and green beans from the store and everything else I already had. So this is how I made it:
Cut up 1/5 of a big red onion in small pieces, toss it in a warm pan. Add mushrooms, green beans, pepper, maple syrup and brown rice in this order. I poured a little dash of heavy cream in the end. It`s  incredibly flavorful and yummi.


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