Sweet Sunday

I am extremely happy right now. In this very moment. Are you?
I`m thrilled that 2 weeks have gone by so fast, tomorrow I get to pick up my Husband at the airport. Freaking out moment ;) I am just so so in love.
Uhm.. I`m happy that i am all snuggled up in bed after this hard working day. My weekend just started.

Cupcakes makes me happy too. They are just wonderful to look at. The best thing about these ones, are that they are healthy-er-isch then most cupcakes. You can now get the small size of the cups so that the portions are way smaller. Which is a little trick to help people eat sweets in moderation
 The base of the cupcake is ripened bananas, which provide sweetness and flavor. I don`t know about you, but I would choose vanilla over chocolate any day, so this vanilla icing goes perfect with the muffin.
I will continue to work hard on making good GF treats. 
And on the subject of working, I`ll share my work out`s for this week (3) too:
  • Monday - Ran 13.1 miles
  • Tue/Wed Off
  • Thursday Instructed Spin 45 min.
  • Friday Weight training for upper body 50 min. 
  • Saturday Instructed Spin 45min.
  • Sunday Off


Eldrid 6:40 AM  

mmmm Kathrine! Det såg så godt ut..!!and hey..Digga det du har på deg.
så glad du kan hente din kjære..Forstår godt at du e i lykkeland!:) Best å ha dem hjemme:)

nyt kvelden med din fantastiske J!

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