Sundays at the gym are usually a bit more calm, meaning; there`s lots of space, plus, I can growl and sweat unashamedly. That`s exactly what I did on this very Sunday morning. I did plank, jumped rope, dead lifts, assisted pull ups.. Loved it.

You know those cold winter evenings, when you just wanna stay warm, so you pull out your wool socks and crank the heater - It was one of those, last night. A fireplace would have been so perfect. But a big pot of homemade soup worked just fine. A light blend of mirepoix (french name for a combination of onions, carrots and celery), rutabagas and a dash of coconut milk was all it took. Next to it; a blue cheese shrimp salad. it was good.

Cannot wait to eat left over soup in a little while, but for now it just feels so right to sit all cuddled up on my couch, reading beautiful blogs like Eldrid`s.



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