Bike ride day

Sunny and 61F/16C calls for a bike ride. Luckily we have a cruiser in the garage just waiting to hug the road. To me there is something so romantic about a bike ride. Feeling the wind in my hair, going at a comfortable pace, the freedom to go places I normally would not get to in a car.

I think of flat European country roads with fields and coffee shops and old men selling strawberries by the side of the road. I think of those people as the most hospitable loving people I will ever meet - those that just enjoy life by the side of a road. I also think of a basket hanging on the front of my bike and what I would fill it with. Bunches of herbs, some fruit and maybe a bottle of water. Some other necessities like a game of Yahtzee, swim trunks and a map would be in there too. I would hope to see castles, beaches, Switzerland and lavender fields.

One day I`ll take a bike ride vacation.
Today I am making gluten free lasagna. And brownies. I have also prepared tomorrows dinner which will be tandoori chicken. The traveler in me wants out =)


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