On a Thursday

Today I got my sweet tooth back after having been sick. I baked some simple vanilla cupcake, followed by almond crumb cake. I have also spent the day preparing for classes - spinning and body sculpt. Earlier this week I posted that this week was gonna be "super-foods" week, and it has been nice to enjoy simple spinach and banana smoothies for breakfast, grapefruit, pumpkin seeds and coconut water for snacks and good old normal healthy dinners.

I am truly enjoying the growing community of gluten free foodies. Simple e-mails about GF baking, sharing of experiences and learning from other people is becoming a part of my daily life and I love it.
Thank you so so much for reading my blog by the way. I appreciate every one of you! ;) 
I hope to have all my creativity and energy back in full swing by tomorrow so that I can bake more fun gluten free goodies and share it with you all.
Have a wonderful evening...!


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