Getting back into the swing

As the last month has been a bit of a hold-back month as far as training goes - dealing with painful knees and then bronchitis, I now feel ready to get going with training again! =)

I have instructed a bunch of classes in the last few weeks, but that is different. My first real work out was done yesterday and it was allot harder then I expected. Usually I love going from one exercise to the other and pushing really hard. But all I wanted to do yesterday was to quit. I felt weak.

At times working out is not all that fun. Not having a work out rhythm can become and ongoing cycle. Always having to do a "first work out" in a while is not awesome, especially finding out that our fitness level is not all that it could be. 
I think once we have established a rhythm, working out feels allot easier, more fun and our fitness level will always improve.

Anyway, when I finished up my work out yesterday and felt "down" about it, I made a decision to look ahead. I told myself that after the next work out I will feel a little stronger and a little more fit. Immediately I started looking forward to my next work out..
This morning I got up and hurried to the gym, I had already decided to be challenged in a EFX (Everyday Fitness Extreme) class at Everyday Fitness. (A high intense interval circuit training class that goes for an hour.) Sure enough, I did the work out and felt 10 times better about it today compared to yesterday`s work out. I remember now that I do love to exercise.



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