Heavenly pancakes!

Yet another successful Sunday, never seems to fail to be my favorite day of the week.

There is this well known breakfast place a few miles away that we decided to go to this morning. Well known because of it`s fabulous coffee and pancakes.
I prepared with packing sliced apples, bananas and a little jar of almond butter just to make sure I would be able to eat something.
To my big surprise, the waitress informed us that they can make gluten free pancakes...
Emotions stirred up in me and I found it hard to believe. So I asked her "how gluten free...?". Silly me. Despite the insecurity I went ahead and ordered one gluten free banana blackberry pancake.
Years, maybe even more then 10 has it been since my last pancake. There has been attempts to make them, but nothing very edible.
This pancake thou was something else, it was sweet and flavorful. It was soft, not too chewy. It was absolutely the best pancake I have ever tasted in my whole life! Thanks to The Sin of Cortez in Chico, California for your well brewed coffee and delicious pancakes ;)

 Good night!


Myriah Grubbs 12:45 AM  

Yum! Where was it?

-Kathrine Kunde- 1:55 PM  

Oh wops, forgot to say - The Sin of cortez in Chico (added it to the post now)... It`s amazing and totally worth the drive ;)

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