Sunny day!!

Wooh! I am so happy to see the sun today =)
I have been working allot at the gym lately and have not been a very good blogger, sad story - cause I LOVE posting fun recipes, pictures and such. But I will get back into the groove of it starting today!

Another thing I am starting with today is that I am going all dairy free, again. Again because a few years back I was dairy free for 2 years. When my digestive track got strong (being GF and DF) I introduced dairy, but as of late, maybe since being sick and taking antibiotics(?), I don't do dairy well at all. So here we go - no whipped cream goodness, no buttered anything. Good thing there are so many substitutes these days, rice cheese, nut milks, coconut etc.
This morning my breakfast consisted of a delicious fuji apple with raw almond butter, then a bowl of GF toasted granola with hemp milk. mm so satisfying =)

Have a beautiful morning


Emma Suarez,  6:46 AM  

Dairy free! I couldn't do it. Love my cottage cheese and Greek yogurt too much. I did try the almond cheese they sell at Orchard, and it's good plus has lots of protein. Didn't care for the Vegan Gourmet cheese line made out of soy. Not enough protein bang for serving size.

-Kathrine Kunde- 7:57 AM  

Hi Emma, Thanks for you comment.
gosh....I know right? I forgot about cottage cheese, hmmm, so tasty. Ya I dont care for soy either, but I should try the almond stuff! Thank you dear ;)

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