What I do today, will benefit me tomorrow

Today I am thinking about lasting health and how - what I do today will benefit me tomorrow. (Tomorrow, as in 10-20 years from now on.)

Some people seems to age really well. We can find really "fit" looking people in the entertainment world like Madonna. She is a lady that has been around with her music for years and years and managed to stay in shape through pregnancies and through the years.
I firmly believe that what we do with our health right now, will have lasting effects on our life. Madonna didn`t just follow a trainer for a few months, neither did she just do yoga for a month to be where she is at right now, she has worked to stay fit all of her life - when she was in her 20`s, 30`s and 40`s.

Healthy habits will keep us going strong and in some ways "slow" the aging process.
Exercise and diet goes hand in hand and plays a vital role here. Now Madonna probably has all kinds of chefs, trainers, equipment not to mention time, to focus on her health. But her example still stands.

(I want to explain myself, I am not using Madonna as a role model for her skinny-ness. People with allot more weight on their bodies can still be in great shape...! It`s not about how skinny we look, it`s about having a strong heart and strong muscles. Anyone can be skinny or fat, but it takes work to become strong and age well. Which I think Madonna has done well.)

I don`t ever wanna become a slave to something. For example an extreme diet, or too harsh of a work out routine that will only last for so long. Finding a balanced lifestyle where diet and exercise goes hand in hand, with all the other aspects of our lives is really important.

When working out becomes hard or boring to do day in and day out, I remind myself that I`m doing this with the future in mind. For myself and for the people that are important in my life. Quickly the sense of purpose comes back to me and I stay motivated for my work out.
So keep running, you runners, keep skiing, keep walking, dancing, lifting weights - whatever it is. Just stay active. =)
I realize that some of you don`t have that habit of exercising or eating healthy, but you know what, It`s never too late to start, never. Health is for everyone who wants it. It does not require anything, just your choice.



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