AM beauty

I was up bright and early today. Hopped in my work out clothes, grabbed a bucket of water and ran out in the cold. Every morning my car has ice on the windows, so a quick solution is to pour water on the car.
I instructed a Spinning class at 6AM... Jamba juice is luckily on my way home from the gym so I stopped there and got a yummi fresh squeezed orange juice. I liked their new logo.. and I added my own twist on it:
 I haven't had a cold or a flu since June. Working out and making sure I get vitamins seems to be working. Yey for coldbusters =)
 Many of you are working early morning too. Or, you get up early to finish homework, or to make lunch for the Husband. Finding the beauty in the AM hours can be hard, especially when we are tired. I treated myself to a Jamba Juice, enjoyed the frost on the ground, the extreme fog down at Park Marina and the sunrise as I drove home. These things made my AM beautiful.
What is beautiful to you today?



Pittelille 10:48 AM  

Reading your blogg is beauty!!!!
I love you so much!

Mari 10:53 AM  

Det e så herlig å lese bloggen din, Kathrine! E bli stadig inspirert.

HeatherA 12:36 PM  

Soo, not a morning runner, yet!!! AHH! I ran the other day around 5:30 p.m. & had frost bite on my ears!!! LOL! :)
Going running today... Cannot wait!! A new adventure for me!!! Run, Heather, Run!!!! & walk too!!!

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