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Hi beautiful people, what kind of make up do you wear? I am all over the map when it comes to choosing brands.. I have some Smashbox products, Mac, Bobbi Brown and Bare Minerals. Lucky for me I don`t need to wear make up at work. Pjeh!! Cause I`m not really good at applying it, haha. Especially eye make up. This week I got a make up kit from Bare minerals that I have been testing. It came with a couple of eye shadows, mascara, 2 brushes, blush powder, eyeliner and my favorite - a lip gloss. I loved the pinkness, and the name of the kit ;) Beyond gorgeous.

I love the blush powder - it has a fresh color and goes well with the pink lip gloss. The mascara is light and has a big brush that makes applying easy. I also loved getting new brushes - so needed as my old ones were cactus like. Have a good day!


HeatherA 12:34 PM  

Yeah-- you are gorgeous!! Simply gorgeous!
I use MAC, love MAC! Cannot imagine my life without MAC! It's just so beautiful! So, yep! I'm a 100% MAC user!!!

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