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I love the fact that the sun rises a little earlier every single day now, and until late June. Where I grew up in Norway, this was very important. The long dark winters with sunrise close to noon, had to give in for unending summer days where the sun would rise only 5 minutes after it set. I heart the midnight sun. 
This morning I am writing lists. To do lists, planning lists, grocery shopping lists.

For the last 3 days I`ve been fighting a cold. Hoping I won, using remedies like gulping down a glass of water with 3 pressed garlic cloves, hour long baths, 12 hour sleeps, drinking lots of fluids and sweating it out at the gym. What is your favorite remedy for colds and flu?

Another "remedy" is to eat more proteins. Proteins are a part of every cell in our bodies and no other nutrient plays as many different roles in keeping us healthy and alive. Proteins helps build and repair muscles, bones, skin, tendons and other ligaments. Proteins also creates antibodies that our immune system needs to fight diseases. We can get protein through foods like fish, meats, dairy, some vegetables, beans, nuts, grains and seeds. The "plant" protein is best eaten in pairs for a complete protein. Like Mexican food - corn and beans.
One thing to take note of when choosing what kind of protein to eat, is that animal protein are often very fattening and it does not have much vitamins in it. So balance your protein intake with a great variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and grains.
Personally I`m not huge on meat, I don`t really like the fish I can get around here and my body can only handle so much dairy products. So that makes my options of proteins very limited. One thing that I have found that is rich in proteins, is hemp seeds. You can get hemp protein, which supplies 50% protein pr. serving. This can be incorporated in your diet by adding it to a smoothie, oat meal or simply mix it in with your peanut/almond butter.
Or you can make your own protein bars..

 I like my bars to be less chunky, so I pulverized most everything in a mixer before I added the wet ingredients. Then I put it in the oven at 250F for only 20 minutes. Then I dipped them in rich dark chocolate and put them in the fridge. Why not wrap them in little goodie bags and give them to a dear friend...



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